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Metall-Treat Industries

Metall-Treat Industries Pte Ltd is a company specialized in providing surface treatment, coatings & special processes services to metal components. We provide our services to the OEM & Aftermarket sectors with wear/corrosion protection, electrical, thermal & special functions requirements.

Metall-Treat provides intermediate or long term protection to shield your components from external harsh elements, allow lubricity to enable maximum potential of your production, enhance grip on surfaces & more.


Key Benefits Of Metall-Treat Services

  • Surface materials & properties conversion.
  • Corrosion protection and chemical resistance.
  • Improved cosmetic features of components surfaces.
  • Low friction coating for extended components lifetime.
  • Friction reduction to eliminate galling & seizing.
  • Lubricity coating to maximize equipment potential.

MTI takes pride in its ability to provide reliable and high quality surface treatment & coating services, our processes are carried out in accordance to stringent industry specifications or client's specified requirements.

We are committed to providing full support to our valued customers in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace, and Ordnance Industry and through the years we have firmly established our experience & reputation as specialists in this field.


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